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Russian Ballet Academy of Michigan


I am fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Tatiana Kitlak who has reintroduced the beauty of ballet into my life and provided the professional training and creative freedom that I experienced as a young dancer many years ago. Ms. Kitlak is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person.


Beverly Takahashi, PhD (RBA’s adult student)



My daughter has been studying with Russian Ballet Academy for 4 years, since she was 3 1/2 years old.  She has literally been shaped by Ms. Tatiana and her exemplary Russian background/training, and the evidence is in my daughter's ease with dance, movement, and with the rigors of ballet.  My daughter, now almost 8 years old, dances all the time at home, she loves ballet and not for the trappings of the "ballet culture" of tiaras, tutus, etc.   She loves it because she can dance with strength and beauty, at will.  There is NO substitute for Russian training, and there is no teacher like Tatiana Kitlak, who is, I'm sure, the most gentle, patient, loving teacher I've ever encountered.  

  My rambunctious 5 year old son now studies too in this school, and he also both loves it and is doing well.   I am a dancer too;  I assure anyone looking for real ballet  training, without the insanity of the million-dollar recital or the silliness one sees in the various dance places out there -- this is the school that blends gentle nurturing with real ballet as an art form.  

I'm so grateful for Academy - I could never tolerate the typical suburban "dance school" waste of time.   We feel so lucky that this school is there for our children.  Such schools are rare outside of Europe.


Kelly Natasha Foreman

I would like to say that my daughter and I are so happy to have found RBA.  Within the short period of time my daughter has been attending RBA her flexibility, technique and dancing skills have improved tremendously.  My daughter is more focused and dedicated to learning the beautiful art of ballet.  Tatiana is to be commended for her professionalism and dedication to her students.  I would recommend RBA to anyone seeking to gain a life long skill.

 Sincerely, A. May


I think Tatiana is an incredible teacher.  She whipped me in shape after years of not studying.  I never thought I would be doing pointe again.  I go to ballet class to learn proper ballet technique and Tatiana gives me useful information.  She never tires of giving corrections.

Tatiana has a command of classical ballet technique.  She gives me corrections that make so much sense.  I know I'm an adult, but I love ballet and have no plan on stopping.  Tatiana's ballet classes are Detroit's best kept secret.


Shannon Nelson (RBA’s adult student)




 Having a dancing background from Russia, it was very difficult for me to find a right teacher for my daughter, one that could give her proper classical ballet training and kept her passion for dancing. I was really thrilled when Tatiana opened her studio.  My daughter loves to dance and I am very happy with her technical and emotional improvement.


  I just want to thank Tatiana for her patience and hard work she is putting in Russian Ballet Academy.
My daughter is looking forward to every ballet class she has. I think that participation in these classes helps her to understand ballet, music and be more confident in her abilities.

Lidiya Naulo


  Tatiana brings not only her strong technical background but the rich and deep history, the passion and artistry of ballet to every moment she is with her students. The relationship impacts beyond just the class out into their everyday lives, and no matter their paths her students have had some experience of what it is to be a ballerina.



My daughter took ballet at another school for two years ,and I saw little progress. After she began lessons with Ms. Tatiana Kitlak at the Russian Ballet Academy, I noticed an immediate difference. My daughter started to know the names of  the ballet positions and began dancing around the house in joy. She looks forward to going to ballet each week and is clearly making progress in technique. She has the opportunity to perform several times a year which has improved her confidence and stage presence.  I heartily endorse Tatiana Kitlak and the Russian Ballet Academy  for providing superior training and support for my budding ballerina!
                        Martha Young, J.D./M.B.A.